A collection of resources and for networks. Also, a video covering some key points found in GCSE and A-Level.


Information about computer hardware -- specifically for GCSE Computer Science but obviously applicable in the wider context.


Here you will find programming resources: code, examples, PowerPoint presentations and links to useful stuff. Languages used include Scratch and Python.


Some Photoshop lessons. Create a piece of pop art from a picture of yourself and create a fancy kawaii barcode in the barcode art lesson.



Me, a long time ago...
Amstrad CPC464

After 20 years in various IT and networking roles around Kent (DED Limited, Eurotunnel, John Parker and Son, Access IT and Canterbury College), I decided to retrain to be a secondary school teacher. I took my PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church and qualified in August 2015. My placement schools were at Brockhill and Folkestone School for Girls.

I try to approach Computer Science in the classroom in a practical manner that has its roots in industry and practical application. 

I have programmed and fiddled with computers since the early eighties and have used them for the recording and composition of sound and music since the age of 15(ish) when I got an Amstrad CPC 464.

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